Pedigree Name Index

In the late 1990s, members of the former Waterloo-Wellington Branch completed and submitted their family pedigree charts. The charts were compiled into the branch Pedigree Chart Collection and the documents were placed in a series of 12 binders with each family pedigree chart being given a number. Indexes to the collection with the names of every individual and on which pedigree chart they could be found were also created. These indexes have now been digitized and are searchable below.

Use the search box to determine if any of your ancestors are included in the Waterloo-Wellington Pedigree Chart Collection.

For example, a search for “Abraham Clemens” returned three files (as indicated below). The first return indicates that this Abraham was born (or baptized) in 1710, died in 1776 and is included in the family pedigree chart number 1620. The second return shows that this Abraham was born (or baptized) in 1752, married in 1778 and died in 1808. His details can be found on the same chart as the first Abraham (1620) – possibly a father/son. The third return shows an Abraham who was born (or baptized) in 1764 and died in 1819 and whose is included in pedigree chart 0002.

#                   Name                                                    Info                                                                                          Pub

1          Abraham Clemens             Dates: 1710-1776 Chart: Fc1620                               Waterloo/Wellington OGS-Pedigree Charts-GPL

2         Abraham Clemens              Dates: 1752-1808 M1778 Chart: Fc1620                Waterloo/Wellington OGS-Pedigree Charts-GPL

3         Abraham Clemens              Dates: 1764-1819 Chart: Fc0002                             Waterloo/Wellington OGS-Pedigree Charts-GPL


If you are located in the Guelph area, you may want to stop by our collection in the Guelph Public Library to look up the relevant pedigree chart to learn more about your ancestor(s). If you are outside of the Guelph area or can’t make it into the library, you can ask our Research Team to check the charts for you by contacting

If you are wondering what the pedigree charts look like; here is an example of chart Fc#0961.


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