May 23, 2024 – Where Was Ed Taylor?

Speaker: Art Taylor

Art inherited numerous negatives and photos of his immediate family and close relatives from his mother. Of particular interest are some glass negatives, some with their prints, from his maternal grandfather, Edwin (Ed) Taylor. For over 40 years, Art has been reviewing his Mom’s genealogy work and adding to it digitally. Numerous other documents of genealogical interest came with the photos and negs, all stored in numerous cardboard cartons for decades.


Edwin (Ed) Taylor was the only grandparent Art Taylor ever knew. Art attributes several of his own interests to his maternal grandfather. While studying various documents, letters, postcards, greeting cards, photo prints, and several formats of negatives, including some glass negatives of various sizes, Art realized that many of these documents have legible dates and places, indicating where the creator or the recipient were at specific times and dates. There are still blanks on Ed’s timeline for date and location, but various documents have filled in many dates and locations. See how Art is building a timeline for Ed, using some of his collection of documents, and how you may do something similar with your documents.


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