Ontario Historical Society

The Ontario Historical Society, originally called the Pioneer Association of Ontario was established on September 4, 1888, largely through the efforts of Reverend Henry Scadding.

It was primarily concerned with the promotion of British-Canadian nationalism through the study of history. Re-organized in 1898 and incorporated, the Society became increasing involved in preserving archival records and historic sites.  Today the Society continues to preserve, interpret and publicize Ontario’s multi-faceted heritage.

The Ontario Historical Society is a non-profit corporation and registered charity.  It is a non-government group bringing together people of all ages, all walks of life and all cultural backgrounds interested in preserving some aspect of Ontario’s history.


What We Do

  • Connect individuals, organizations and institutions to exchange ideas, research, and experiences related to the history of the province.
  • Sponsor programs and projects across Ontario that help us discover Ontario’s history
  • Networking for museums, historical societies and other cultural organizations to research, preserve, interpret and promote Ontario’s local history and heritage.
  • Provide educational materials and resources encouraging the sharing and celebration of Ontario’s history.


In many areas of the province of Ontario, growth and change have enveloped villages and town, changing their character in many ways. When residents realize how little is left of the community they organize a concerted effort to preserve the history and culture of the area.   This often results in the formation of a Historical Society.  The scope of activities is limitless with appeal to members of all ages, backgrounds and interests.


The Ontario Historical Society is located at the historic John McKenzie House in Willodale. The OHS is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors and supports a network of individual members, organizations and institutions including 350+ affiliated societies, including those in Wellington County.


Website:  Ontario Historical Society

Facebook: OHS