Guelph Historical Society

The Guelph Historical Society was formed in 1961 and is an affiliate member of the Ontario Historical Society.



  • To encourage and stimulate interest in the history of Guelph and its environs
  • To bring together individuals interested in research, preservation, promotion and advancement of the history of the area
  • To hold meetings for the presentation and discussion of historical information relating to the Guelph area
  • To publish books, articles, papers etc. about the history of Guelph
  • To identify local sites of historical interest
  • To co-operate with other historical societies and related organizations


Membership – $30.00

  • Attend six general meetings and hear guest speakers
  • Read and learn about the history of Guelph
  • Receive Guelph Historical Society Newsletters
  • Receive an annual Journal – Historic Guelph
  • Purchase GHS publications at a discount
  • Get discounts on GHS bus trips and other special events



WebsiteGuelph Historical Society

Facebook: GHS