As a non-profit organization run by volunteers, the Wellington County Branch appreciates and relies upon both material donations to our Branch Library and financial donations.

Financial Donations

Ontario Ancestors  is a Registered Canadian charity. Income tax receipts will be issued for all donations of $20.00 and above. Monetary donations may be made by cheque sent to Ontario Ancestors, 2100 Steeles Avenue West, Unit 202, Concord, ON  L4K 2V1, with an indication that it is a donation to the Wellington County Branch, or by credit card via


Be assured that your donation will be used to support the goals and objectives of the Branch.


Are you looking for a way to pay tribute to a loved one that has passed on?  Why not donate a book, or donate money towards the purchase of a book, to go in the Branch Library.  The book will be suitably inscribed and will be a living memorial for years to come.

The Branch accepts the following Materials:

  • Family histories, particularly those that have a tie to Wellington County
  • Local and county histories
  • Autobiographies and biographies containing genealogical material
  • Indexes to records in book format
  • Instructional books for genealogists

Written works, such as family histories that are in a clear, readable, very well organized format, that will help researchers identify individuals and relationships by name, date, and place are acceptable.  These histories must NOT contain confidential information on living individuals without their written consent.  These works must include a title, the name of the author, and the date created.  If possible, submitting the index in an electronic format (such as WORD, or EXCEL) would greatly assist the branch and allow us to add the names to our Name Index.

Created indexes of names of individuals found in books of genealogical significance are greatly appreciated.  We can provide you with an EXCEL spreadsheet outlining the data we are looking for.  As you read through a book or family history, you list the name and the page # on which you found the name.  The names will go on our Name Index and researchers will be able to locate the source and view details.


Photographs as well as digital images pertaining to subjects in Wellington County are accepted.  In submitting photographs, please do not glue, or scotch tape photos to anything.  Photos should be affixed to archival quality paper with proper photo corner mounts and a full description and/or details of the subject(s) listed below.  Also included, should be an indication of the photographer’s name as well as the date the photo was taken.  If you must write on the back of a photograph, please do so only in pencil and only on the very edge of the photo.

In submitting digital images, we ask that you add a Title to the file using the Details tab on the photo.  To do this, place your cursor over the image, and right click.  This opens a drop-down menu and you need to click on ‘Properties’, then select the tab ‘Details’.  You can now click ‘Title’ and enter the detail(s) on the subject of your photo.  You can click ‘Comments’ and add additional information.  You also need to click ‘Copyright’ and enter your name and the date your photo was taken.  Once you close the window those details are saved and go wherever the photo goes.

In submitting any Material, a Donation Agreement must be completed, signed, and included along with the donation.