This list is by no means a complete list of the newspapers, present and past, which have been published in Wellington County.  It is an attempt to provide a list of those newspapers that are available for searching either through microfilm or online as listed below.  Please be aware that while we have indicated the years available, as of May 2017, at each facility there will be gaps and missing issues. If you are planning a trip to one of these facilities to look for a specific issue, you would be advised to check ahead of time to ensure they have it.

Don’t forget that a library near you may have a subscription to ProQuest, or other online program, that will allow you to search newspapers, and may, in fact, offer some of the following newspapers. While we have provided links to the relevant repositories, this does not imply that the particular newspaper resource is available online at that facility.

For more digitized newspapers, see also Our Digital World, the Canadian Community Digital Archives, Canadiana, and Google News Archive.

Note: Many of the newspapers from the Wellington County Museum and Archives have been digitized. To view and search their newspapers, see the WCMA newspaper page.

NewspaperGuelph Public LibraryWellington County Museum & ArchivesUniversity of GuelphDufferin County Museum & Archives
Arthur Enterprise News 19891896; 1899; 1902-1978
Clifford Advance1889-1891
Clifford Arrow1879-1880
Clifford Cliffhanger1987-1989
Clifford Express1895-1927
Clifford News1990-1998
Drayton Advocate1892-1893, 1897-1963
Drayton Community News1974-Present
Drayton News EraApril 26, 1883
Drayton TimesApril 10, 1888
Dufferin Advertiser10 May 1888, 22 December 1892, 9 July 1896
Dufferin Post1895-1924 (Sporadic Issues)
Dufferin Times5 August 1937
Dundalk Herald3 May 1878, 1904-2017
Elora Backwoodsman1852-1858
Elora Express1881-1887, 1892, 1895-May 19721871-1887, 1892-1900
Elora Express & County of Wellington Advertiser1871 (Incomplete)
Elora News1872-1874
Elora Observer1858-1859, 1861-18681852-1877
Elora Observer & Fergus & Salem Chronicle1871-1874
Elora Observer & Guelph & Fergus Chronicle1871-1877
Elora Sentinel (see also: Fergus Thistle)1990-1995
Eramosa Community News1986-1990 (Incomplete)
Erin Advocate1880’s, 1909-1931, 1934-1954, 1974-1979, 1981-1984, 1986-present
Fergus British Constitution1857-1866
Fergus Canadian1900-1903
Fergus Elora News Express1972-Present
Fergus Freeholder1854-1857
Fergus News-Record1867-1921, 1923-1972
Fergus Thistle (see Elora Sentinel)
Globe (Toronto)1844-1936
Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Grand Valley Star1899, 1900, 1944
Grand Valley Star & Vidette1900-1908, 1911, 1916-1996
Grand Valley Vidette1899, 1900, 1901
Guelph & Galt Advertiser & Wellington District Advocate1897-18981847-1855
Guelph Advertiser & General Intelligencer1847-18561855-1861
Guelph Daily Mercury1847-2016, 1960-1999 (negatives and prints of photographs)1930-1946 1954-1957 1958-1959 1963-1967
Guelph Evening Mercury1847-2016, 1960-1999 (negatives and prints of photographs)Jan. 8, 1864, July 20, 1867-Aug 25, 1871, 1926 Centennial Issue1876-1897
Guelph Guardian1959-19661959-1966
Guelph Herald & Wellington District Advertiser1842-1910February 19, 1842
Guelph Life1975-1977
Guelph Mercury1847-2016, 1960-1999 (negatives and prints of photographs)1847-19091864-1929?, 1947-1954, 1957-1958, 1959-1963
Guelph Tribune / Guelph Mercury Tribune1987-2003, 1987-2003 (negatives and prints of photographs)
Guelph Weekly Herald1850-18991850-1899
Guelph Weekly Mercury & Advertiser1864-1917, 1931
Harriston ReviewDecember 11 1913, 1974-2000
Harriston TribuneApril 2, 1891
Harriston Tribune, Huron & Perth General AdvertiserJune 7, 1877, February 16, 1882
Hillsburgh The Beaver1881-1912
Lightning Express: Elora, Douglas & Arthur Chronicle1872 (Incomplete)
Lightning Express: Elora, Salem & Fergus Chronicle1875-1880 (Incomplete)
Minto Express (Harriston/Palmerston)June 2000 - Present
Mount Forest Confederate1870-1884, 1892-1893, 1896-1918, 1920, 1923-1935, 1937-1953, 1955-1962, 1964-present
Mount Forest IndexOctober 1885 to October 1886
Mount Forest Representative1885-1891, 1893-1923
News Express (Fergus)
Orangeville Advertiser5 April 1877 and 3 May 1878
Orangeville Banner1906-Present
Orangeville Citizen1916-2017
Orangeville Economist1882-1928
Orangeville Sun1861-1933
Palmerston Observer1933-1936, 1938-1939, 1941-1948, Jan-Apr 14, 1949, 1952, 1954-1955, 1957-1970, 1974-2000
Palmerston TelegraphJune 9, 1892
Puslinch PioneerJuly 1976 - 2016 (Coming)1976-Present
Rockwood Community News1948-1953
Royal Tribune (See Guelph Tribune)
Shelburne Free Press1874-1928, 2014-2017
Shelburne Free Press and Economist (Merger)1928-2013
Toronto Star1985-Present
Tri-weekly Guelph Advertiser18551854-1856
Wellington Advertiser1986-Present