Branch Council Position Descriptions

If you have an interest in any of the following Council positions or additional volunteer activities, please speak to our Branch Chair at one of our regular Branch meetings or send an email to, or better still join us at one of our Council meetings (dates are posted on the Branch main page calendar).

Chair• Is responsible for the operation of the Branch
• Strategically plans branch development
• Coordinates special events, including the formation of special event committees
• Coordinates internal activities as needed
• Chairs monthly Branch and Council meetings
• Acts as a signing officer of the Branch
Prepares an annual report for submission to OGS
Two years, renewableMay be located anywhere although must be available to attend/chair branch meetings
Vice-Chair• Chairs monthly Branch and Council meetings in the absence of the Chair
• Carries out other Branch duties as assigned by the Chair
• Acts as a signing officer of the Branch
Maintains an ongoing record of Branch projects
Two years, renewableMay be located any-where although must be available to chair meetings as required
Past-Chair• Acts as a resource to the Branch Council
Acts as Branch Archivist
Two years, renewable
Treasurer• Maintains the Branch bank account(s) and manages the financial affairs of the Branch
• Has signing authority for the Branch with one or two other Council members
• Maintains a proper record of Branch receipts and disbursements
• Prepares and maintains the Branch budget
• Prepares and presents monthly financial reports to Council
• Prepares and submits all financial reports required by OGS
• Creates financial summary at year-end
• Collects mail from Branch P.O. Box, opens, scans, forwards publication orders and distributes via email to appropriate Council member
Mail addressed to specific individuals is not opened; notifies the individual by phone or email that mail has been received
Two years, renewableMust be located in Wellington County (to collect mail and cheques from the Branch P.O. Box)
Secretary• Records and distributes minutes of all Branch meetings
• Forwards a list of new Council members to OGS immediately following Branch elections
• Monitors the Branch email account and forwards emails to the appropriate party for response
Monitors the Branch website and forwards requests for information to the appropriate Council member
Two years, renewableMay be located anywhere providing they are available to take meeting minutes
DNA Special Interest Group Coordinator• Facilitates the DNA-SIG by coordinating workshops and other learning sessions for members
• Coordinates responses to DNA-related queries submitted by members
• Keeps a record of all queries handled
Provides summary information and articles for the Branch newsletter and/or website
One year, renewableMay be located anywhere
Librarian• Selects and maintains the Branch’s reference collection located in the Guelph Public Library (GPL)
• Works cooperatively with the GPL to advocate for and act on behalf of the Wellington County Branch, OGS
• Reports on library activities to the Branch Council at regular meetings
• Provides an annotated list of new titles for publication in Traces & Tracks
• Prepares an annual report on library activities
• Maintains paper copies of OGS branch newsletters for reference
• Accepts donations of material to the library and sends a letter of thanks to the donor
Works with the OGS office to ensure proper procedures are followed when tax receipts are to be issued in relation to donated family history collections
One year, renewableMust be located in Wellington County (to access holdings at the Guelph Public Library)
Membership Coordinator• Responsible for welcoming new members, maintaining a current membership list and communicating membership details to other Council members as required
• Supplies the names of new Branch members to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the Branch newsletter
• Receives from OGS the latest updates regarding membership and maintains a current, up-to-date mailing list
• Processes change of address/e-mail requests
• Sends e-mail reminders of upcoming monthly meetings to members in the Wellington County area.
• Maintains social media pages; Facebook, Twitter
Forwards queries posted on social media to the Research Coordinator
One year, renewableMay be located anywhere
Project Coordinator• Coordinates projects approved by Council
• Coordinates the identification, photographing and transcription of Honour Rolls, Books of Remembrance, and plaques dedicated to our war heroes throughout all buildings in Wellington County
• Coordinates with the Wellington County Museum and Archives on creating a list of all known cenotaphs, memorials, plaques, etc in Wellington County
Coordinates the efforts of volunteers to photograph and transcribe the above
One year, renewableMay be located anywhere but must have a local committee member to photograph and transcribe
Publicity Coordinator• Creates posters, etc. to advertise meetings and special events
• Publicizes meetings and special events on radio, television, newspapers, posters, etc
Liaises with the Membership Coordinator and the Webmaster to ensure that notices of meetings and special events are posted on the Branch website and the Branch Facebook page
One year, renewableMay be located anywhere
Newsletter Editor• Responsible for producing the Branch newsletter, Traces & Tracks in accordance with the schedule established by the Branch Council
• Collects materials of genealogical interest, edits and sets the format of the newsletter for printing
• Liaises with Branch Council members for particular insertions
• Receives and downloads articles and/or items from for inclusion to the Branch newsletter
• Arranges for printing. The number printed is dependent on the membership at the time. Liaises with the Membership Coordinator to determine appropriate numbers
• Monitors and responds to requests in the email account
One year, renewableMay be located anywhere
Program Coordinator• Books the facilities for all Board and General Meetings (in accordance with OGS contract procedures)
• Recruits speakers for the program at monthly meetings:
o Informs each speaker of location, time and format of meetings
o Ensure speaker is aware of member interests and appropriate length for talk
o Requests that each speaker provide a copy of their presentation for the Branch newsletter and/or the Branch website.
o Clarifies and confirms whether the speaker consents to be recorded for sound, voice and/or picture. Provides this information to the Technical Coordinator
• Arranges the necessary equipment for the monthly meetings (computer, projector, screen, etc)
• Communicates monthly meeting agenda to the publicity coordinator at least three months prior to the meeting
• Introduces speakers at monthly meetings and recruits members to thank speakers
• Arranges honorarium for speakers in coordination with the Treasurer
Assists with ‘outreach’ programs
One year, renewableMay be located anywhere although must be available to introduce speakers and ensure appropriate venues
Members-at-Large• Assorted duties depending on the specific interests of the individual
• Submits reports when requested by Council
Attends Council meetings, participates in discussions and votes
Two-positions, One year, renewableMay be located anywhere
Publications Coordinator• Prints and ships publication orders
• Provides the shipping date, tracking number and details that will allow a customer to track their order if necessary
• Edits and creates copy layout of new/revised Branch publications
• ISBN assignments
• Holds inventory of all publications and the pdf’s for printing additional copies
• Provides updates on publications for inclusion in the Branch newsletter and the Branch Website
Provides files to OGS TONI Coordinator
One year, renewableMay be located anywhere
Research Coordinator• Responds to research queries sent to the Branch as forwarded by Council Members, OGS or received directly
• Keeps a record of all queries handled
• Provides summary information for the Branch newsletter and/or website
Enlists the help of Branch volunteers to assist in responding to queries
One year, renewableMay be located anywhere
Some queries will require local research
Branch Webmaster• Coordinates all Branch website activities
• Liaises with the OGS Technical and Innovations Committee to ensure that the practices and designs are consistent with those of OGS
• Arranges for the Branch URL, giving consideration to OGS standards and linking requirements
• Works with the Branch Council to gather material to be posted to the website
• Monitors the Branch website to ensure information is timely and accurate
• Maintains and improves the site in accordance with the principles of good web design
• Advises and makes recommendations, including expected costs, to the Branch Council on any technical upgrades needed
Recommends websites to be considered for linking to the Branch website
One year, renewableMay be located anywhere
Technical Support Coordinator• Records Branch meetings for streaming or posting on a future Branch YouTube channel or the Branch website
• Assists the speaker in setting up for presentations (technical needs)
Coordinates activities with the Branch Photographer
One year, renewableMay be located anywhere must be attend meetings and presentations
PhotographerPhotographs branch meetings and events for inclusion in the Branch newsletter and the Branch websiteOne year, renewableMay be located any-where; attends meetings

Additional Volunteer Activities

These positions are not part of the Branch Council

  • Researcher – Assists with query responses
  • Special Projects – Assists with special projects approved by Branch Council
  • Newsletter – Works with the Newsletter Editor in producing Traces & Tracks
  • Fairs and Festivals – Assists with setting up, manning and taking down the Wellington County Branch booth at events such as the Kitchener Public Library Genealogical Fair, The Scottish Festival
  • Mentoring – Assisting other Branch members with research and overcoming brick walls
  • Hospitality and Welcoming – Organizes refreshments for all meetings including set-up and clean-up of area, welcoming members and guests to meetings and events
  • Transportation – Assisting members in getting to meetings by picking them up or dropping them off

If interested in these activities, please speak to the Branch Chair at a monthly meeting or send an email to